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Welcome to the Quantum Genetics Research Centre.
« : 09.08.2015, 06:02:33 pm »
Welcome to the Quantum Genetics Research Centre.
We research the following key areas:
•   Stem cell programming (including organs and tissue regeneration),
•   Agriculture and vegetation & Industrial biotechnology
•   Environmental sustainability & Advanced materials
Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have.
It is likely that we can help - BioActive Sound Matrices©.
Achievements to date through the application of the principles of Linguistic Wave Geneticsto several severe conditions, including the terminal ones:
•   stem cell programming (tissue and organ regeneration)
•   regression of and full recovery from bone cancer and breast cancer (significant potential for regression and elimination of various types of cancers and AIDS)
•   unprecedented, quick and complete recovery (5 days) from a cerebral haemorrhage and consequent paralysis of half of the body
•   regeneration (re-growth) of the rectum ampulla (final part of large intestine) after surgical removal due to rectal (colon) cancer
•   regression and complete elimination of effects of cystic fibrosis (mutation #508)
•   regeneration of the retina and recovery of the eyesight (right eye)
•   gradual recovery from the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
•   recovery from "incurable" ulcerative colitis (aggravated by cachexia)
•   hair growth regeneration
•   regeneration of the spinal cord (significant improvement or the possibility of complete recovery of the paralysed (para- and quadriplegia)
•   regeneration of the pancreas gland (has been done in lab setting in animals)
•   regeneration of teeth
•   significant alleviation of Down syndrome's effects in children
•   anti-diabetes effects
•   regeneration of facial nerve (cut during unsuccessful surgery) and regaining of normal facial symmetry
•   general notable improvements to overall state and conditions
•   recorded manifestation of the first signs of control (retardation, and possibly the reversal) of the ageing process
•   engineering of certain desired properties in plants
•   eradication of unwanted foreign pests (plants, insects, animals) from certain territories

There are no chemicals or any medicine or any drug/s involved.Chemically free and non-invasive methodology of dealing with the world's problems.
We deal with what appears to be completely new and rarely finds support or explanation in any one single theoretical scientific publication. The numerous experiments nonetheless show that it is possible. We simply ask you to be patient and bear with us.

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